Where the nutritional consultation is held really depends on what works best for YOU! There are different options available including meeting at a health centre in South East London, at your home or via skype. Please see below for details. 


At a health centre

Consultations - especially initial consultations - benefit from being face-to-face meetings; I offer consultations at the Sunflower Centre in Brockley, South East London (SE4) on Mondays mornings and Thursday evenings. Alternatively, if you prefer to have a skype or phone consultation due to time constraints, distance or other commitments this is also possible.


From the comfort of your home

Consultations can be arranged to take place at your home after an initial consultation at a health centre. Please note that travel time will be added to your final bill.


Skype consultation 

Skype consultations can be great if you have limited time available, if travelling to South East London is not convenient or if you have other commitments that make a face-to-face meeting difficult. Having said that, I strongly recommend booking your first consultation as a face-to-face consultation and only booking your follow-up sessions as skype consultations.